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3 Types of Vapes!
Let's talk about where you should start!
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VAPE NEWS: Vaping Deaths
More than 380 confirmed illnesses and now 7 deaths have been reported in the United States. Is it "Vaping" or is it "Electronic Cigarettes"?
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Building Coils 101 for your Vape Mod
Your vape device uses electricity and there is a science behind building your own coils to fully understand so ensure that your build is safe! Doing something wrong may cause excessive heat or even explosions.

Don’t worry though, this blog will explain how to make sure this does not happen.
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Exploding Mods? Are your batteries safe?
You've probably heard about vape battery explosions in the news, which is why safety is so important. Read on to learn all about vape battery safety. Vaping is known as a safer alternative to smoking, but it can still come with risks.
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Why use an Electronic Cigarette
Why should you try an electronic cigarette or ecig as a less harmful way to attain your nicotine? Don't let the negative comments fool you, this industry is revolutionary and it is not getting the right attention it deserves in Canada.
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